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Paul Leonard-Morgan - Filmtales

Paul Leonard-Morgan is an artist who many would dismiss as unknown, however his music has graced almost every living room in the country at some point. His scores have appeared in numerous big British dramas (Spooks, Silent Witness and The Brief), epic Natural History documentaries (Galapagos) and sporting programmes (The World Cup, ITV Boxing and The Golf Open on the BBC).

Filmtales is his first solo release. The reason I'm featuring this CD is it's very much in the similar vain to Craig's solo albums The Space Between Us and As If To Nothing. The 11 tracks are a mixture of funky electronic instrumental / orchestral tracks mixed in with some Massive Attack / The Go! Team styled songs.

There are many tracks highlights - most noticeable - 'Seen From The Outside' which is a slowly building string / piano piece ending on a euphoric note, 'Sienna' an excellent piano track and 'Like A Bullet Through The Head' which is a funky John Barry / David Holmes styled track.
The penultimate track 'Sweet Denial' is a lush Armstrong-esque sweeping piano and string piece.

Track Listings

  1. Wilderness (featuring Isobel Campbell)
  2. Seen from the outside
  3. All for you (featuring Esther)
  4. Sienna
  5. Snatcher
  6. Like a bullet through the head
  7. Camera
  8. No peace of mind (featuring Jenna G)
  9. Elektra
  10. Sweet denial
  11. Standing up (featuring Steve Mason)