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Craig Armstrong - Rare Tracks & Unused Film Scores

N.B. Much of this information has been collected from many sources. I've tried to make sure the information is correct, however, please be aware of the unofficial nature of some of the information.

Io Canto - 1998

This track by Craig Armstrong doesn't feature on any of his released albums; instead you can find it on a Melankolic Sampler CD and as a B side track on the This Love single. If you want to get your hands on a copy, then head over to eBay, as they occasionally pop up in the listings. It's a classic Armstrong track, similar in sound to Rise, Plunkett & Macleane and Ruthless Gravity, featuring piano, electronic loops and choral vocals.

Anseio 2 - 2002

The Portuguese group Madredeus released a remix album in 2002 called 'Electronico', which featured a Craig Armstrong remix of one of their tracks, Anseio.
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Hypnotic - 2004

As far as I'm aware, the track Hypnotic is actually a re-titled version of 'Ball' from Plunkett & Macleane. The film features the violin / beat section from the beginning of the track.

Move On (Full String Mix) - 2004

Armstrong provides the string arrangement for the Envoy dance track.
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Tomb Raider 2 - Cradle of Life - 2003

Armstrong was first considered before Alan Silvestri came on board the project, he was fired on Pirates of the Carribean. There's still one of Armstrong's scoring piece intact to be experienced in the film itself. This piece is used in the action sequence in the lab. Director Jan De Bont found this a very exciting electronic cue, in his point of view highly original. Armstrong's signature is very much present and sounds exciting.

Craig's score was meant to cover about half of the film, but was rejected because of the reason that it didn't sound really adventurous and thus it wasn't recorded, except for this piece. By the looks of it, this score was meant to be more and more electronic than any other Armstrong score.

Asylum - 2005

As far as I understand, Armstrong composed and recorded his score to David Mackenzie's adaptation of Patrick McGrath's novel Asylum at Air Studios, only to have it rejected. On the film's release, Mark Mancini is credited with scoring duties on this movie.

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