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Craig Armstrong - Empire Review (5/5)

If there were any justice, Scottish composer Craig Armstrong would be as big name as Hans Zimmer. Unfortunately, aside from astounding work for Baz Luhrmann, his tendency to provide great scores for bad-to-average movies hasn't exactly helped his profile. Take Plunkett & Macleane - it was a box-office dud with few fans, but features one of the best OST's of the 90's. Escape, for example, lays a chunky breakbeat over rousing, operatic choir, while The Ball memorably combines dark, echoey strings with a pulsing tech-house thump.

There's not a dud moment in this carefully arranged selection, while the highlights are legion: Romeo + Juliet's Balcony Scene, Mouln Rouge's rousing reinterpretation of One Day I'll Fly Away, the Liz Fraser-vocalled, soul-massaging ballad This Love (from Cruel Intentions)... It's truly an essential buy for anyone who knows the score.

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