film works 1995 2005

craig armstrong film works 1995 2005

'Film Works 1995 – 2005' is the accompaniment to last year's sublime
'Piano Works' and embodies many of Armstrong's finest pieces of work, including arrangements from Baz Lurhmann's 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Moulin Rouge'. Also on the album, are arrangements from his scores cues from 'Ray', 'The Quiet American' 'Love Actually', 'Plunkett and MacLeane' and 'The Bone Collector'.

The album closes with Craig's arrangement of the classic Clair de Lune for the high profile 'Chanel No.5' advertising campaign directed by Craig's long time cohort, Baz Luhrmann.

This collection of Armstrong's music is a great introduction to his work and film score music in general.

Track Listings

  1. O Verona (Romeo And Juliet)
  2. Escape (Plunkett And Macleane)
  3. Main Theme (The Quiet American)
  4. One Day I'll Fly Away (Moulin Rouge)
  5. Rise (The Negotiator)
  6. The Balcony Scene (Romeo And Juliet)
  7. Glasgow Love Theme (Love Actually)
  8. Ball (Plunkett And Macleane)
  9. Will You Come Back To Me (The Quiet American)
  10. Rebecca (Plunkett And Macleane)
  11. This Love (Cruel Intentions)
  12. Della's Theme (Ray)
  13. Main Theme (The Clearing)
  14. Main Theme (Orphans)
  15. New York City (The Bone Collector)
  16. Nature Boy (Moulin Rouge)
  17. Death Scene (Romeo + Juliet)
  18. Ascension (Moulin Rouge)
  19. Clair De Lune (Chanel No 5)
Film Works 1995 2005
Produced and Arranged By:
Craig Armstrong
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