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Piano Works is a beautifully crafted piece of work. It features new 'piano only' arrangements of Weather Storm and Heatmiser, tracks from his film scores, Moulin Rouge, Orphans and Romeo + Juliet and brand new solo pieces.

This album has a very clean - minimalist sound to it, attributed to great production and recording values. The new tracks that feature on the CD are quite often somber and retrospective pieces, yet they never come across as dreary or dull.

A few of the tracks feature minor electronic enhancements, working alongside AGF they added subtle electronic arrangements via a revolutionary program known as 'Pluggo', which allowed them to electronically manipulate the sound of the piano in 'real' time.

You can watch Craig perform tracks from this album in Piano Works The Film.

Track Listings

  1. In My Own Words
  2. Heatmiser 2
  3. Hidden
  4. Gentle Piece
  5. Weather Storm
  6. Diffuse
  7. Leaving Paris
  8. Fugue
  9. Theme from Orphans
  10. 1st Waltz
  11. satine's Theme (Moulin Rouge)
  12. Morning Breaks (Romeo + Juliet)
  13. Laura's Theme
  14. Glasgow Love Theme (Love Actually)
  15. Delay
  16. Hymn 3
  17. Angelina
  18. Childhood 2
  19. Sunrise
Piano Works
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Craig Armstrong
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