the dolls

craig armstrong agf delay the dolls

This self titled CD is the first release by the band ‘The Dolls’. Comprised of Craig Armstrong on Piano, Antye Greie-Fuchs (AGF) providing the vocals and Vladislav Delay adding manipulation and beats.

Armstrong's piano works provides us with a different side to his work. At times his work sounds quite jazzy.

Track highlights are 'Night Active', 'Choices (which features cues from Sunrise off Piano Works)', 'Kukkuu' and 'Motor City'.

This is great album which deserves people's attention.

Track Listings

  1. Martini Never Dries
  2. White Dove
  3. Soul Skin
  4. The Dolls
  5. Night Active
  6. Choices
  7. Kukkuu
  8. Collect The Blue
  9. Star Like
  10. Motor City
  11. Favourite Chord
  12. Sunbird
The Dolls
Produced By:
Craig Armstrong, AGF and Delay
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